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  2. Sep 03,  · Rosa majalis – type species; Rosa blanda, Rosa setigera, Rosa canina, Rosa chinensis, Rosa multiflora, Rosa pendulina, Rosa rugosa – selected species References [ edit ] Rose on Wikipedia.
  3. The name Rosa is a girl's name of Spanish, Italian, Latin origin meaning "rose, a flower".. As sweet-smelling as Rose but with an international flavour, Rosa is one of the most classic Portuguese, Spanish and Italian names, which is also favored by upper-class Brits, having an ample measure of vintage has been on the popularity charts for every year that's .
  4. Rose definition, any of the wild or cultivated, usually prickly-stemmed, pinnate-leaved, showy-flowered shrubs of the genus Rosa. See more.
  5. The flowers of the damask rose (Rosa ×damascena) and several other species are the source of attar of roses used in perfumes. Many species, particularly the rugosa rose, produce edible rose hips, which are a rich source of vitamin C and are sometimes used in preserves. There are several major classes of garden roses.
  6. Rosa Parks, African American civil rights activist whose refusal to give up her seat on a bus to a white man ignited the U.S. civil rights movement. She was the recipient of numerous awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom () and the Congressional Gold Medal ().
  7. Rosa is a Rare Brawler who attacks in a flurry of three short ranged punches with her boxing gloves that can pierce through enemies. Rosa has high health, making her able to withstand a lot of incoming damage. Her Super grants her a shield, temporarily reducing any damage she takes by 70%. Her Gadget, Grow Light, spawns tall bushes around herself that allows players to Bullets per attack: 3.